Chimney Inspection and Scanning :

Chimney Scanning :

A Sweep Above The Rest offers the latest in closed circuit video inspections developed by Chim-Scan®. The cameras detail can pick up damage done to the inside of a flue, which may occur due to a chimney fire or improper building practices. This system is recognized and accepted by insurance adjusters, building inspectors, and fire marshals. Our chimney inspection cameras and chimney sweeping tools are designed to operate in in a variety of fireplace flue sizes.

Our video scanners produce imagery from inside the chimney structure, documenting the chimneys interior general condition or locate where defects may be hidden from a basic inspection. Open voids within the chimney are safety hazards and can increase the amount of creosoteand increase the potential for a chimney fire. Using a Chim-Scan® inspection camera after chimney sweepingverifies that the chimney flue is free from creosote, soot, and debris, and assures that the chimney is in operational readiness to vent the gases and soot properly.

The National Fire Protection Association Standard 211 says, “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs shall be done if necessary.” This is the national safety standard and is the correct way to approach the problem. It takes into account the fact that even if you don’t use your chimney much, animals may build nests in the flue or there may be other types of deterioration that could make the chimney unsafe to use.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that open masonry fireplaces should be cleaned at 1/8″ of sooty buildup, and sooner if there is any glaze present in the system. Factory-built fireplaces should be cleaned when any appreciable buildup occurs. This is considered to be enough fuel buildup to cause a chimney fire capable of damaging the chimney or spreading to the home.

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