A Sweep Above the Rest, LLC. is committed to providing high quality services wherever we work, from Tamworth and Madison to Jackson and Bartlett!

Our goal is to make sure that your chimney system is safe.
The estimated chimney sweeping prices (below) reflect a normal scenario where we show up, sweep, and encounter no issues. If we find safety concerns, we are obligated and responsible to inform the homeowner. With the homeowner’s approval, we will fix additional issues but our rates will adjust accordingly. If a system has poor accessibility or requires an inordinate amount of time to properly clean, our rates will reflect the additional work.

Chimney Sweeping May-August
1 Flue $160
Each additional +$100

Chimney Sweeping September-April
1 Flue $170
Each additional +$100

The rates for chimney lining, cap installation, stove installation, and other services are dependent on each situation.

If any masonry work is needed we recommend reaching out to the following contractors:
Kyle Ball: (603) 986-6719
Chimney Man: (603) 447-5654

If you are looking for gas stove installation, repair, or service, we recommend reaching out to Alpine Stove Service: (603) 662-2373