Pellet Stove Cleaning

All pellet stoves require a thorough cleaning of the entire system. Depending upon your pellet stove model, burning habits and fuel selection, this type of service is required after each 1 to 2 tons of fuel burned. Many users have this service performed on their stove once a year during the off-season in preparation for the coming season. If you are burning a low grade pellet in a low-grade pellet stove, this service may need to be performed more than once a year. Performing this cleaning returns the pellet stove back to a neutral state.

Periodic Maintenance

Periodic maintenance of your pellet stove is required. This will involve removing ash from the burn chamber and the ash pan, scraping of the burn pot, raking the ash from the heat exchangers, the air wash system, the venting and the exhaust path through the stove. This work is done by you as needed throughout the burn season. To get the best performance out of your pellet stove with the least amount of maintenance you must use the best possible pellet fuel possible. Using a low grade pellet WILL require more maintenance. Failure to perform maintenance will decrease efficiency, will stress out vital components and may lead to costly repairs. If you depend upon your as heat source you should consider a premium grade fuel. For nearly trouble free operation and the highest heat output, we recommend a premium grade softwood pellet with less than .5% ash by content for the lowest ash and highest heat output.

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